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The Works of David Palin


Arthur Du Fuss, widowed for fifteen years, ignored by his neighbours, has two secrets: one dies with him when he commits suicide; the other is the vast fortune he amassed through the creation of the board game, Chancery. Now his erstwhile neighbours receive a post mortem invitation to the offices of the charismatic lawyer, Sepp Stoehlheim, to play a final game of Chancery, the winner to be recipient of Arthur's fortune. As they dice with the devil, the game first exposes the fragility of their relationships, then tears them apart, with tragic and horrifying consequences. But Arthur, too, must pay for taking his revenge. As Stoehlheim's true identity and motives are revealed, the old man learns that outstanding debts must still be paid, even when you are dead.


While experimenting with the possibilities of creating a thought-driven computer, a huge IT company accidentally creates three mutants devoid of all five senses but capable of extraordinary feats of programming that give the company a virtual global monopoly in the market. These insensate, empty beings provide the perfect vessels for certain ancient gods to store their waning, corrupt and dilletantish powers. As the influence of these 'gods' grows they become bored with the business oligarchy they have created and seek a victim to punish in a manner appropriate to their mythological status. The man chosen is, however, the keeper of a secret that could bring their empire crumbling down.

You can find me on Amazon or you can order through Waterstones - though at the moment Amazon will show as currently out of stock, as the books are being re-published this year.

For Art's Sake & In the Laptops of the Gods




When the woman he loves dies, Troy is terrified of the void; the nothingness that follows death. The intensity of his cry of pain draws to him the lost figure of Cain, ageless and alone. Together they embark on a perilous journey, both of them haunted - one by the desire to live forever, the other by his terrible past, which has trailed him through the wonders and horrors of eternity, and seems to be catching up. Both men are in danger and each holds the key to protect the other from revenge so ancient, it is no longer even cold.

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A Conversation with Cain - David Palin


With her marriage and career seemingly stagnating, Paula Godwin is on the lookout for anything which might point her life in another, more exciting direction. A phone number on a discarded piece of paper provides a random opportunity to make a change. When she calls it on impulse, she is indeed hurled off course, into the sensual world of an anonymous lover – a dark place where what doesn’t kill you can still destroy those around you.

Available as a Kindle Edition on Amazon


The Prying Game - David Palin

Both eBooks are available from the Kindle Store on Amazon and have the 'Look Inside' feature activated so you can get a taster. If you do buy them, borrow them, love them, loathe them, please put your comments as reviews on Amazon.

There are ongoing discussions about the potential for TV/film adaptations of 'For Art's Sake' and other upcoming works and a screenplay is in progress.

Watch this space!


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