Goodbye, old friend

They ask: “How does a cliche become a cliche?” I guess that question is answered by the number of people who are probably musing that ‘they don’t know where the time goes’ as we stand at the cusp of old and new once more. I shared a thought on Facebook today; that we should not just rush … Read more

Retaining the Ashes

So, I’m a sports nut and can’t let today pass without celebrating England’s brilliant test victory in Melbourne. That happy band have made my day/month, along with several million other of my countrymen. It’s been a surreal time, partly down to the time difference between hemispheres, and in many ways for me it has managed to … Read more

Proper snow

Snow is a bit like old age, isn’t it? You know it’s coming, but there’s stuff-all you can do about it as it slows everything down, or brings the bits that are already creaking – like the old bones of the UK transport system – grinding to a halt. Yet there’s dignity and magic to it; magic … Read more