Time to remember

One of my first posts on here (see below) was about my mother, who had recently passed away. Today is the two year anniversary. At the weekend I visited her memorial up in the Midlands and placed flowers. My sister and her husband place fresh flowers regularly, which fade and are replaced. In many ways … Read more

A time for reflection

I wrote in a short story that I wished my life could always be September, when the embers of a dying season wisp and glow. I think I had in mind, apart from anything else, the bonfires which my father invariably seemed to end up lighting at this time. I know that a lot of … Read more

A Conversation With Cain

My second ebook is now out on Amazon Kindle – called A Conversation With Cain. I have to admit I’m nervous about this one, as it’s certainly different from The Prying Game; a deeper book, perhaps – more of a slow burner – even though it is still a thriller. It’s surreal, that’s for sure … Read more

The Prying Game

My latest novel is now available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. Please have a look – even if you don’t buy, you can have a quick look inside on the Amazon website. Here’s the link.  Happy reading!

eBook Publishing

I read an article recently which stated it takes c.15 minutes to publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle…and so it might, if we’re just talking about loading the file and the cover, but the preparation has taken me weeks. As I posted on Facebook, writing the novel was the easy bit! There is a lot … Read more

Red kite at night

I went for a long walk across the local farmland this evening. The harvest has been collected and the fields are being prepared for…whatever it is that comes next! It was amazing to watch how, in one field, the plough seemed to be leaving behind it a trail of white, as gulls settled behind it … Read more