Cornwall to Afghanistan

So, the time is upon us again when we remember and honour the lives lost in war. In the midst of this, I believe there should be an increasing emphasis on those who remain. Lest we forget has more than one nuance. I stood in Tyne Cot cemetery in 2017, the 100th anniversary of the … Read more

‘Dreamboat’ or…

The Poem of the Physicist As I stood upon the land So the sea destroyed the shore And a heart of stone was damned To be sand forever more My galleon world had long since lost its sail of leaves and birds, Tempestuously shred upon the storm I hoped would bring us home.    I … Read more

The Half-Torn Page

My new novel launches 26th November. If you have read my previous works, you will know they fall under the umbrella of darkness; psychological thrillers with twists and an examination of what drives people to some of the actions they take. Sometimes they contain hints of things lurking beyond the edges of our universe. The … Read more

A Conversation With Cain

My second ebook is now out on Amazon Kindle – called A Conversation With Cain. I have to admit I’m nervous about this one, as it’s certainly different from The Prying Game; a deeper book, perhaps – more of a slow burner – even though it is still a thriller. It’s surreal, that’s for sure … Read more

The Prying Game

My latest novel is now available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. Please have a look – even if you don’t buy, you can have a quick look inside on the Amazon website. Here’s the link.  Happy reading!