Men and women – fact or fiction?

Men and women - fact or fiction?

Pre-COVID I ran a book club. Hopefully we will soon all meet again. We tried Zoom and soon realized it was a waste of time. Anyone who has belonged to a book club will know it’s not just about discussing the nuances of the text, but actually spending time with like-minded people. Anyway, at any … Read more

Well, I never…

…grieved for my father. Before anyone recoils in shock, I should point out that this only became apparent to me very recently during an on-line discussion with a dear friend. Having lost her own father when he was young, she asked me how my father died, at which point, I found myself struggling to type … Read more

Time to remember

One of my first posts on here (see below) was about my mother, who had recently passed away. Today is the two year anniversary. At the weekend I visited her memorial up in the Midlands and placed flowers. My sister and her husband place fresh flowers regularly, which fade and are replaced. In many ways … Read more

A time for reflection

I wrote in a short story that I wished my life could always be September, when the embers of a dying season wisp and glow. I think I had in mind, apart from anything else, the bonfires which my father invariably seemed to end up lighting at this time. I know that a lot of … Read more

eBook Publishing

I read an article recently which stated it takes c.15 minutes to publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle…and so it might, if we’re just talking about loading the file and the cover, but the preparation has taken me weeks. As I posted on Facebook, writing the novel was the easy bit! There is a lot … Read more

Red kite at night

I went for a long walk across the local farmland this evening. The harvest has been collected and the fields are being prepared for…whatever it is that comes next! It was amazing to watch how, in one field, the plough seemed to be leaving behind it a trail of white, as gulls settled behind it … Read more


I woke up some time between 5 – 6 a.m. today after sleeping really poorly. It struck me what a strange, rather emotional time of day that is. You know already you are going to be tired that day and that the chance of a decent sleep has gone. There is still mainly silence outside … Read more

Here we go!

OK, I have taken the plunge, given up the day job and decided to try pursuing my writing career. So here I stand in a place with no waymarker, wondering which road to take. Like Bilbo Baggins, I have a road running by my door, with no idea where it will lead. Let’s see. I … Read more