I woke up some time between 5 – 6 a.m. today after sleeping really poorly. It struck me what a strange, rather emotional time of day that is. You know already you are going to be tired that day and that the chance of a decent sleep has gone. There is still mainly silence outside … Read more


It has been surreal for me to watch the change in the London skyline of late. In my second novella – ‘In the Laptops of the Gods’ – published in 2006, you will find the city headquarters of the monopolistic computer company, KompuKraft, dominating the horizon. The name of the building: The Shard; a needle-like structure … Read more


I think I gained some insight into this condition yesterday. I suppose its definition is nebulous at best and, like most things that approach through a fog, its shape and nature remain elusive. Yet I cannot help thinking that, if you are standing in your garden on a sunny bank holiday evening, having spoken with … Read more