It has been surreal for me to watch the change in the London skyline of late. In my second novella – ‘In the Laptops of the Gods’ – published in 2006, you will find the city headquarters of the monopolistic computer company, KompuKraft, dominating the horizon. The name of the building: The Shard; a needle-like structure … Read more


I think I gained some insight into this condition yesterday. I suppose its definition is nebulous at best and, like most things that approach through a fog, its shape and nature remain elusive. Yet I cannot help thinking that, if you are standing in your garden on a sunny bank holiday evening, having spoken with … Read more

Tears dissolve borders

I was travelling on the Tube yesterday to see a customer, when I noticed the lady sitting opposite me was starting to look very upset while she was texting someone. Her lip started to quiver and then tears rolled down her cheeks. The poor lady looked very distressed. I didn’t want to intrude, but when she … Read more

Mother’s Day

Yes, for those who notice such things, I know the apostrophe would normally be after the ‘s’, though you could argue that most of us have just one mother – if you discount Nature, which of course any man does at his peril. Anyway, for me it was both sad and uplifting this weekend when, … Read more


I  was saddened to read in today’s Observer newspaper that the character or Berlin’s old Mitte district seems to be changing – becoming gentrified with an influx of yuppies. I’ve nothing against an area developing and new blood coming in, as long as the essential character of a place doesn’t get bulldozed. As anyone (the numbers are … Read more

Retaining the Ashes

So, I’m a sports nut and can’t let today pass without celebrating England’s brilliant test victory in Melbourne. That happy band have made my day/month, along with several million other of my countrymen. It’s been a surreal time, partly down to the time difference between hemispheres, and in many ways for me it has managed to … Read more

Proper snow

Snow is a bit like old age, isn’t it? You know it’s coming, but there’s stuff-all you can do about it as it slows everything down, or brings the bits that are already creaking – like the old bones of the UK transport system – grinding to a halt. Yet there’s dignity and magic to it; magic … Read more

Pillars of the Earth

Just finished this weekend watching the brilliant adaptation of the above on the TV. Ah, I wonder whether, one day, the words Based on the novel by David Palin will ever appear on the screen. If they do, I hope they will be appended to something as impressive. Having attempted to write a screenplay of … Read more

Tough love – soft heart

Anyone who has a copy of my first book – For Art’s Sake and In the Laptops of the Gods – will know there is a dedication to my Mum in there for having instilled old fashioned values into my siblings and me; courtesy, honesty, respect and education. Sadly, she passed away on 25th September this … Read more

Suffering from writer’s blog

Hi everyone (‘one’ being the operative syllable at the moment I’m sure), this is kick-off time for me – a new website, a new blog and my book soon to be republished. So, my humble thanks to Teresa for getting this website up and running for me. As this picture shows, attendance at my last fan … Read more